Anonymous: your anti-Israel, pro-Hamas bias is disgusting and i'm unfollowing.


I am not pro-Hamas and I am certainly not pro- any organization that tries to justify the cost of civilian lives as a worthy price.

Israel has repeatedly taken countless Palestinian lives under the guise of ‘targeting Hamas’ and has yet to account for those deaths.

They claim to be striking Hamas sites yet have not explained why families with no connection to any ‘extremist’ organization have been murdered in their sleep. 

I cannot support a nation/organization/ideology that pivots their focus around the death of innocent civilians ‘for the greater good of the Israeli people.’ 

I cannot support a nation/organization/ideology that views the death of over 30 children and 100 civilians as a worthy price.

Additionally, I cannot support a movement which constantly on a daily basis violates the human rights of all Palestinian people, Eritrean and Sudanese Jews, Eritrean and Sudanese refugees by limiting their freedom of movement, by denying them access to healthcare, by demolishing their homes to build illegal settlements, by diverting their water supplies and unlawfully detaining, harming and even killing people without reason. 

I am not pro-Hamas, I am certainly not pro-Israel and if you can stomach the death of 105 innocent civilians in an open-air prison and stand by the actions of a 50 000 person-strong army that is freely and indiscriminately dropping missiles on one of the most population dense areas in the world and then expect myself and everyone else to support them, then maybe you should reconsider who it is that’s biased here.